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Dishman – The Analysis

Earlier this week, I received a lengthy comment from Lisa B (Cuz_I’m_The_Mom) detailing her trials with DISH network.   Many thanks, again, Lisa for your humorous and very illustrative post on the issues facing large companies with IVRs and many, many phone support staff.

While we may not all be of the size and magnitude of DISH network, we can certainly try to emulate their problems, no matter the size of our shop.  What did I say?  OK, I am being a little facetious, but it is to make a point.  Actually a few points.

1 – IVRs / Phone Tree Hell / A Nifty Way to “Reduce Costs” and “Improve Customer Service”.  Just because your company can afford an IVR system doesn’t mean that you have to make it 3 levels deep and require your customers to enter their Account Number, Date of Birth, Social Security Number and Favorite Ice Cream Flavor in order to get to a live person.  Keep it simple, especially if all roads actually lead to the same place.  To see a really amusing example, check out Automated Phone Hell.  

2 – Use your Database – Lisa’s post brought out a great example of a company not using their database with their customer info in it (they had her phone numbers and address – AND READ THEM OFF TO HER!!) but could not seem to contact her for the scheduled repair visit.  There is simply no excuse for this.  If we do this in our own companies, we might as well call our competitor and give them a hot lead.  Something like “Hey, here’s one of our customers that we don’t care about, would you like to take them from us?”

3 – Customer Service is often the entry level positions.  Every minute you put into training these folks will pay off hugely (yes, I said ‘hugely’) in Customer Satisfaction.  Simple training – do not discuss personal matters on the phone.  Your customers do not want to here about your employees love lives.   Hands on training for different scenarios is key for creating exceptional Customer Service.

More to come, stay tuned and thanks for reading,