Getting Around Poor Engineering

A few months back, I wrote about the ongoing issues with my TV.  On the one hand, we don’t have a cable or satellite subscription, and we are comfortable with Netflix, Hulu, RedBox and the library (I really like my kids not having  the constant bombardment of commercials and everything is on demand for us now).  However, that doesn’t mean that we were comfortable with having a giant mirror on our wall.  The process to get a replacement was tiresome and quite unbelievable to say the least.  Four replacement televisions later, I now have a fully functioning television.

Well, actually, because I moved, I have a room with blinds that completely block the sunlight, which creates a level of darkness that makes it possible to watch the tv…as long as I position the lamps in the room so that they don’t reflect on it.  Perfect? No. Workable? Yes.

Poor engineering, but I don’t plan on moving anytime soon, so I guess it works, and I have to settle for the fact that all the Customer Service in the world can’t fix poor engineering.

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