Is That TRON?

Walking through the mall with my kids on the way to the Disney Store, we passed the Bose purveyor, which has the uncontested product in the sound arena. I was drawn to the television showing TRON legacy, and like a month to a flame, stood memorized.

A helpful Bose salesman approached and asked if I would like a demo. Here is the conversation summarized.

Me: Sure, I love TRON. Let’s do it!

Voice in my head: This is going to be awesome! Just like the theater! TRON on Bose sound!

Salesman: Ok, sir, if you would step back into our demo room, we’ll start it up.

Me: Great! You have TRON back there?

Salesman: Uh, no. It’s a different demo.

Me: Can I see TRON back there?

Salesman: Um, no. We have a different demo.

Inner Me: But, you’re showing TRON in front and it drew me in…

Inner Me #2: Let it go, you’re not seeing TRON in awesome Bose sound.

Me: Never mind, I’ll pass.

Salesman: Ok (walks away)

Inner Me: You just lost a possible Customer.

Inner Me #2: You should totally write about this.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you feel the same about TRON,



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