Moving at the Speed of the Customer

Great Customer Service is always quick and responsive, right?

Actually, it turns out that isn’t always the case. Let’s look at a few instances in which the need for speed is not the best approach.  As you may recall, I have had a long string of issues with a series of televisions, each one being replaced by a ‘newer and better’ one. As the replacement tv’s were delivered, the company would, in trying to deliver great Customer Service, try to call me immediately in order to ascertain whether I was happy with my new tv.  I w


as moving houses, travelling for work and simply had not had the time to sit down and make sure that every function worked correctly on the replacement tv.  Each time they called, I would  have to push the date out and ask for more time. They were very patient, and kept calling back on the appointed day, until finally I was able to check out the tv and make sure that everything worked. 

In another case, my insurance company has been trying to up sell me on different products.  I am no hurry to spend more money, even though I suppose that I could use additional insurance (who couldn’t, right?). My agent has been very good at not pushing the boundaries too much, and checking in ever few months for several years.  The end result? I now have given him more business and we are both happy.

On the other hand, I have experienced quite a few Customer Service people who come across as Salesmen with very pushy tactics.  Now, I realize that Customer Service Departments are the new Sales Departments and up and cross selling is THE way for these cost centers to make money, however, we truly need to move at the speed of the customer.  Relationship based Customer Service and Sales will always pull ahead in the race.

I’m not saying t move slowly all the time, but when it is appropriate, go ahead and push the ‘call back reminder; out a few weeks or months.  Your Customer will be surprised that you listened to them, and they may just whip out a credit card from that shell they carry around.

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