Customers – Give ’em What They Want!

Sacramento has had a Jazz Music Festival every Memorial Day Weekend for 39 years.  A huge event, it is spread across Old and Downtown Sacramento with literally a hundred bands and groups performing, great New Orleans (ok, Nawlins’) style food and unfortunately, a dwindling attendance.

Wisely, those in charge (C-level execs in the Music Festival World) have decided to tweak their product to appeal to a wider audience.  The new Sacramento Music Festival still has Blues, Zydeco and Dixieland Jazz, but has now added Rock, Latin, Rockabilly and too many more to count.

While we have to wait a few days to see what the attendance numbers and overall response is, we can say that this is a great example of listening to your Customers.  In this case, they listened to them not coming and adjusted accordingly.  I applaud their efforts and hope to see you at the Festival! If you want to head on over to the local news, you can hear a snippet of a returning favorite, the Freebadge Serenaders:

*you can thank the local news station for disabling embedding by not patronizing them, or send them a stink-mail saying they would get more Customers if they would get on board!

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