Yep, Customers Are Online As Well!

Just when we thought that online interaction had reached a new peak, along came a surge in the form of Streaming Content at Conferences.  Yes, the huge events in Orlando, Las Vegas and other touristy destinations that beg for you to combine business and pleasure. These same venues that cause bosses everywhere to frown and scowl and question whether you are truly want to go to the conference for educational purposes.

Enter the Streaming Conference!  Just a few weeks ago, I watched part of the ICMI (Call Center) conference in Seattle, while sitting at my desk in California.  The keynote I chose to sample was engaging and timely, as Activision Blizzard discussed how they were engaging their customers online, which shows how they are able to lead the pack in a 25 billion dollar industry.  The picture was crisp and clear, the sound was as if I was in the auditorium myself, and the content was identical to that which the conference attendees heard that day.

To be clear, only a small portion of the conferences are being streamed, after all, you can’t expect to get several thousand dollars worth of value for free.  And, while watching select keynotes and a few breakout sessions will never deliver the full value of interaction with your peers in the industry, this strategic move by companies and associations certainly dispels the myth that there is nothing of value at the conferences…at least, it will for the handful of senior management who will take the few minutes necessary to watch a portion of one and determine whether their company would benefit from these events.

Like so many things in the Customer Service industry, those who stream portions of their conference and those who attend via computer continue to be the leaders. Make sure you are one of them.

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