He Said, She Said…A Tale of No Documentation

As you may have read, I have had countless issues with my VIZIO television.  The original had it’s electronic guts replaced, I have received two replacements and it still is not usable.  Luckily, I bought it at Costco, where their stance on Customer Service is ‘they make it right’.  Actually, I don’t believe that is actually their slogan, but it is how I feel they treat Customers, which is a good thing, if you are the Costco Customer Support Manager reading this.

Last week, I made yet another call into Costco, who connected me up with VIZIO so that they could troubleshoot my TV once again.  After an hour and fifteen minute ‘discussion’ with VIZIO…

**I’ll summarize the VIZIO rep’s side of the ‘discussion’: “mumble mumble,, sounds like it all works to me, mumble mumble,, there is nothing we can do to help you,, unintelligible words, etc.”

…the VIZIO call center rep told me he would send me a link so that I could upload a few photos of my television showing the issue. He also gave me an email address so I could send them in directly and have them linked into my case number.

I sent in the photos, waited an hour for them to be processed into their system and called VIZIO back (via Costco, of course!).

On the technical side of the issue, the VIZIO rep (a different one this time) looked at the photos and immediately diagnosed the issue and escalated to get a solution for me (yet another replacement, I’ll keep you posted as to whether this one will work).

On the Customer Service side of the issue, I asked what was written about my last conversation in the system, to which the rep told me that nothing was noted of my 75 minute conversation.  In fact, if I hadn’t called back in, my case wouldn’t have gone anywhere.  Luckily for me, I followed up (wait! is that my job?), I got an articulate and intelligent agent who was open and honest with me, and I am in my second decade in the Customer Service and Support industry, so I know a little bit about the system.

What are our lessons learned from this?

1 – Documentation is key. Call Center Reps are 100% of the time supposed to document their conversations.  Their version of documentation is most likely not the same as your version.

2 – With Customer Service in a suicidal nose-dive into the abyss of apathy that so may companies have relegated themselves to, it is 100% up to you, the Customer, to follow-up to ensure things get done.

3 – There is a huge gap between all of the very expensive technology we now have available to us and the human side of Customer Service.  We see less and less qualified people staffing many (not all) of the Call Centers, and their management is either handicapped by their company’s financial decisions (pay scale of agents, location of call centers) or simply has given up.

4 – As my friend, Roy stated, we cannot fix what engineering designed poorly.  The last VIZIO rep told me that my TV is actually missing a piece of hardware behind the glass which causes it to be one gigantic mirror. All the time.  Which, judging by the amount of complaints I am seeing online with the similar problem, has occurred in more than just my TV.

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