Dear VIZIO, Please fix my Mirror…I mean TV









Dear Vizio –

Following up on our phone conversation, I am attaching numerous photos showing how my new TV from you is so reflective that it is useless.

As you will see from the notes in my case (2493354), I had a TV which worked fine for a while. Then, it started having issues. When I tried to turn up the volume, it would shut itself off. At first it was intermittent. Then it became an everyday occurrence, which is difficult to work around when your kids expect to be able to turn up the volume on Phineas and Ferb. So you sent out a repairman, who replaced the guts of the TV, which didn’t solve anything as it still continued to have the same issue.

So, you replaced the TV with the same model. Which also had issues – I’ll spare you the details, and just get to the point where you replaced my TV again…with a brand new, 3D, Internet-capable, apps preloaded, VIZIO TV…which has a screen that is so reflective that is has become a giant mirror on the wall. Any light at all in the room – daylight, lamp, light from another room, light leaking in through the blinds covering the windows – they all make it so reflective that we cannot watch anything due to most of what we see on the screen is the room around us and behind us. Day, night, dusk, dawn, it’s all reflective. Most of the time, I see everything in the room EXCEPT the actual picture.

Now I have a glossy, reflective mirror on the wall, which occasionally allows me to watch snippets of a TV show or movie. I didn’t ask for a 3D, top of the line TV. I just want a TV that doesn’t reflect everything in the room.



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