Part Therapist, Part Bartender, Part Customer Service

With over a decade of Technical Customer Support under my belt, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in my field. Nonetheless, I am always amazed to find that the same patterns emerge when talking to others in my industry.

For example, I had a great opportunity last month to interview nominees from across the Western United States for HDI’s annual Tech Support Awards.  As I spoke with each Analyst and Desktop technician, the thing that consistently leapt out at me was how focused they were on listening to and understanding the issues their Customers raised.  They got it.  Tech Support, Customer Service, and basically all of business is not about your product. It’s about people.  The people who buy your product or service.

As one of the nominees said, Tech Support is really computer therapy.  Yes, Carroll, it really is.  Now excuse me, I have to get my pad and paper, the doctor is in.

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