Raving Toyota Corolla Fans, er…Fan

The Toyota Corolla. You wouldn’t know it, but it is the bestselling car in the world, and in fact, every forty seconds, someone becomes a Corolla owner. They don’t have cool commercials like the Volkswagon, they certainly don’t belong to clubs like Corvettes, and no one ever attracted someone’s attention with them like a Mustang.

Nonetheless, they get you from point A to point B. And to point C. And D, and so on. Because they seem to run forever! After much searching, I finally found what appears to be their biggest, and perhaps their only, fan. The video below was the Grand Prize Winner in a recent Kelly Blue Book contest, and from the looks of it, the Corolla has a lot more to offer than we thought.

Whether your Customers rave as Neil Arsenty does in the video, or they just quietly make purchase after purchase, rest assured that you are doing something right.


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