Butternut Squash and Business

We try a lot of new foods, courtesy of Community Supported Agriculture boxes and year-round Farmer’s Markets on California, and I like almost every vegetable and fruit.  However, I can see why squash has to be one of the least liked foods in the world.  I’m not counting cultural differences (I never ate the silk worms in Korea), just among the average ‘what foods do you hate’ category.

It seems that a common way to prepare any type of squash is to boil it until it is soft and mushy and really not that palatable.  My family ate it that way growing up and I can see why legions of kids rank squash up there with visits to the dentist.  Fortunately, the Food Network and a secret weapon called Google now allow us to move beyond the nightmares of our youth and experiment with new ways to prepare an old favorite, staple, food.

I’d like to share my own recipe for Roasted Squash.  It works for most of the winter quashes, my favorite happens to be Butternut.

1 – Peel the skin (I use a knife and cut it away, it takes about 2 minutes, tops!)

2 – Scrape any seeds and pith and toss them (in the trash, not at your roommate or spouse. Trust me on this one).

3 – Cut the squash into one inch cubes.

4- Toss with some oil, salt and pepper.

5 – Roast in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes, until they start to caramelize.  They should be a little crisp on the outside and taste a lot different than the boiled mess you ate as a kid.

6 – Send me an email thanking me (just kidding).

So, what does this recipe have to do with Customer Service and business?

Simple. When something doesn’t work and you have the same ‘blah’ response over time, try something different.  Look at what others in your industry are doing, participate in your industry associations, and give something new a try.  You might turn around the perception and end up with raving fans.  Wouldn’t we all like that?

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