More Business Lessons from Vacuuming

As I described the other day, I was volunteering at a local charity and was vacuuming a long hallway with their very cool, Zamboni-like industrial machine, when I came to the end of the cord.  Now, the cord on your household Kirby, Hoover or Eureka differs from the industrial vacuum by about 200 feet of cord.  I would guess that when you are cleaning a large building, you don’t want to have to constantly plug and unplug the cord to keep up with the area you are cleaning, so as a result, I could vacuum for quite a while before I would run out of cord and have to walk all the way down the hallway to unplug and retrieve, what seems like, a mile of cord.

I was on the last hallway, which would wrap up my shift, when I ran out of cord.  As luck would have it, I was only four feet away from the end of the carpet, and, wouldn’t you know, at the absolutely least used entrance of the entire building.  Apparently, I didn’t remember much from my ‘do I leave the tiny piece of paper’ experience minutes before, because I turned off the vacuum, looked back down the hall to where the cord was plugged in and then looked at the last four feet of un-vacuumed carpet.  And back at the hall, and back at the carpet, that looked clean.  I mean no one ever comes in that door.  Who would know or care?

I think you know how it ends. I made the walk; I vacuumed the last four feet, and finished the entire job.  Because it’s the details that make the difference.   In vacuuming, in volunteer work, in Customer Service, and in Business.

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