On the Twelfth Day of Customer Service…

As we end the 12th Day of Customer Service, we wrap around to what makes up Customer Service.  The truth is that there is no one thing that defines Customer Service, but rather, it is the elusive, mysterious intangible that so often separates the mediocre from the good from the truly great.

In nearly all cases, there are a combination of things that work together to make a memorable experience. In some cases, they mesh to form an experience which is quite forgettable – the customer does not encounter any issues and is very pleased, there are no complaints!

As we finish our 12 Days of Customer Service, I encourage each of you to look at how you are providing Customer Service and to do continue doing the great things that you are doing and to improve areas that need improvement.

The sum total will make for a good Customer Service Voodoo!

Thanks for reading,



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