On the 10th Day of Customer Service, My Wait Staff Gave to Me…

Absolutely all of their attention!

We all eat.  A good number of us eat at restaurants sometimes, frequently, or even just once in a while.  Blair Anthony Robertson, the new Food Critic in my local paper gave a phenomenal run-down of the year’s best wait staff / servers in the Sacramento area. He calls it appropriately, the “Best Service in Town” and while he highlights each of them individually, I really liked what he says they call have in common:

1. They love to serve, and they understand the idea of serving without being subservient.

2. They like people and can read them almost instantly.

3. They exude charisma.

4. They’re dialed in. They watch your table the way a mother watches her baby.

5. They go beyond your expectations.

6. They do their homework and prepare for everything. When someone stumps them with a question, they make sure it doesn’t happen twice.

7. They bring energy to the equation. When they work, they’re on.

8. They treat you the way they want to be treated when they go out.

Are these characteristics really any different than what we expect from any Customer-facing employees in any industry?

We could learn a lot from these folks, and so we shall!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your meal!



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