On the 8th Day of Customer Service, My Cell Phone Service Forgave Me….A $20,000 Texting Bill

Everyone texts right? From pre-teens (do we really call them Tweens?) to Grandma, it seems that everywhere we turn there are people texting.

Unfortunately for some, all that texting can add up to staggering phone bill.  For one teenager in California, his cell phone bill was a staggering $22,000!

To be fair, there was a huge amount of data transfer as he was downloading things as well (MP3s and surfing  the web?).

His dad spent some serious time on the phone with Verizon and they put him on the unlimited plan…and forgave the debt.

Smart move by Verizon, because it made National News for how they treat their Customers.  And doubtless, they will get more than $22,000 worth of good will business from that alone!

So, on the Eight Day of Customer Service, what can you do for your Customer to “forgive a debt”? Call it karma or just the time of year to be generous, but it will help your business in  the long run.

Thanks for reading and if you liked this, text me!



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