Five Onion Rings*!

Here we are on the Fifth Day of Customer Service and I thought that I would share a story that a friend told me.

Allegedly**, he went to Burger King to grab a low-cost lunch.  You really can’t beat the low-cost value menus these days…or so he thought.  He ordered a Whopper Junior – Burger King’s Signature Low Cost Burger.  Apparently, he even asked them what was on the Whopper Junior, just to confirm that it had all the vegetables that he wanted on it.

Happy to only have spent $3 on lunch, he left the restaurant and drove back to work. He sat down at his desk, opened up his bag of food, and started eating his delicious Double Cheeseburger?

They had given him the wrong sandwich!

Yes, even though he has asked them to confirm what was on the burger, they have given him the wrong one! Since he had gone back to work to eat, there was no way he could just walk up to the counter and exchange it for the correct one. He had to eat THEIR mistake. He told me that it was a good burger, however, it wasn’t what he had wanted.

I don’t know if he ever went back to the restaurant to tell them that his order was messed up. Perhaps they would have given him a free Whopper Junior, maybe not.  However, he did tell a few of us what had happened and as a result….hundreds of you are now reading this.

If they had just taken the time to check his order, there would be no story…and you would all be reading about something else for the Fifth Day of Customer Service.

So, the moral of  the story is….Take the time up front to make sure that your Customer gets what they asked for!

Thanks for reading,


*I know that the song actually reads Five Golden Rings, however, this was a tribute to the 12 Days of Shrekmas.

**There is no allegedly.  He did go to Burger King, I just wrote that I don’t get sued.


One response to “Five Onion Rings*!

  1. that isnt a frickin onion ring!

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