On the Third Day of Christmas, My Customers Got From Me…

How hard is it to admit a mistake?

Evidently, pretty dadgum hard for a lot of businesses!

<cue the music for story time>

A friend of mine was relating how their insurance company received their payment for their homeowners insurance and yet canceled their policy.  Their first clue that something was amiss was when they received a refund in the mail in the amount of their premium.

Hmmm…..they thought, and away to the phone they sped!

They asked their insurance company what had happened and were told that they had neglected to pay their insurance premium on time….and so their policy was cancelled.

When they asked why they were sent a check, the insurance company explained that it was returning the money that they had paid…..and at that point the logic broke down.  The insurance company acknowledged that they had received the payment on time (thank you, online bill pay!) and that they should not have canceled the policy.

Evidently, the policy had lapsed a few months back and they were just now getting around to refunding the money to the homeowner.  Rather than acknowledge their mistake, the insurance company suggested that the homeowner tear up the refund check and the insurance company retroactively apply that money to the past few months insurance…

(At this point, you may boo and hiss!)

Luckily, our heroes in the story (because the Customer is always the hero!) asked that instead they write a new policy (since they had no need for retroactive insurance for a house which had no claims against it) and they started fresh from today!

How hard would it have been for the insurance company to acknowledge their mistake and start a new policy?

When we make a mistake, we should just own up to it and let our Customers know.  That’s a pretty simple idea.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Oh, and by the way, I made some spellig mistakes on yesterdya’s post about deserts vs. desserts. Thnaks to Trina for poinmting it out!


One response to “On the Third Day of Christmas, My Customers Got From Me…

  1. Agreed. I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with two companies, call them a supplier and a distributor. One has made a few colossal mistakes while the other is working extremely hard to keep me satisfied. I am let both know how I feel and why I will continue (or not, in one case) to be a customer.

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