The Twelve Days of Customer Service

Technically, I suppose that the Twelve Days of Christmas start on December 25 (Christmas Day).  However, that would run into January and, quite frankly, no one would read about Christmas then.

In addition, one of my brothers, who is right now in Iraq, wrote me about his own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas on his military base there.  It seems that they came up with two different ways to try to make it interesting for them over there.

The first one is the Twelve Desserts of Christmas.  To participate in this, his group of friends is going to eat one dessert after their meal the first day of Christmas, two desserts after their meal the second day of Christmas, three desserts after their meal the third day of Christmas, and so on until they pass out from a sugar overload.

However, I think that the second event in which they are participating in will even up the field for them a little.  It is called the 12K’s of Christmas.  You see, they will run a kilometer on the first day of Christmas, two kilometers on the second day of Christmas, three kilometers on the third day of Christmas, and so on.

According to their calculations, they will be eating 23,000 calories of Desserts and running 78 Kilometers (or 48 miles).  I’m not sure if those two cancel each other out, but I am impressed by their creativity and by their dedication.  While I can no longer stomach that many deserts, I am going to try to match my brother and his friends by running an escalating number of miles from now until Christmas.  I started with one mile today and will add a mile each day and see how far I get.  I ran a half marathon earlier this year, so I know I can run the distance, however, next week should be interesting when I get to eight miles and up daily.

So…….keeping in line with the Twelve Days, over the next two weeks we’ll be looking at the Twelve Days of Customer Service.  To kick off the First Day, here’s our first one!

On the First Day of Christmas, my Customers received from me….an answer to their online inquiry!

In today’s digital world, it is all too easy to automate and ignore.  You know the routine.  Customers ask us something online and we rely on FAQ’s and “Search It Yourself” Knowledge Bases to resolve their issues…..which, unfortunately, doesn’t always work.  And as a result, sometimes leaves them hanging without an answer.

Whether they contact us through email, Twitter, Facebook or a ‘Contact Me’ form,we can’t assume that technology will successfully ferret out the correct response and route it to them.  It is critical that each and every inquiry be answered.  Which often means that we have to sift through countless contacts and emails….kind of like Santa reading through all those letters….

And who would want to be the child who got the wrong gift on Christmas morning because someone didn’t read their letter!  Exactly!

So, dig in and answer your online Customers.  They don’t like waiting.

Thanks for reading,



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