Stop Calling Me! Customer Service for Telemarketers

I think that everyone knows about the National Do Not Call Registry.  However, what do you do when you keep getting calls from a company that you have bought things from in the past?

Over the years, I have bought quite a few family DVDs and workbooks for my kids from a specific company.   In fact, I have purchased just about every item that they own.  Unfortunately, I continue to get robo-calls from them at home to try and get me to purchase the few remaining items that they sell that I don’t have.

Quite annoyingly, these calls come in once a month or so and I have gotten very tired of them.  The phone rings, I answer it, I hear the auto-greeting and then am connected to a sales person who tries to go through his sales pitch.  I listen politely and then at the first pause, explain what we have purchased and explain that I do not want the remaining 5% of their product.

I then explain that I don’t want to get any more calls from them and ask them to either remove me from their list, or to only call when they have new products (which are supposed to come out in 2011 or 2012).

They sympathize, agree, and then tell me that they are going to take care of it.  I hear the tapping of their keys as they note my wishes in their computer systems.

I go happily on my way until one month later….

When they call me again.  And we start the cycle all over again.

I haven’t told you the name of this company (although I have mentioned  them before on my site) because I am giving them ONE MORE CHANCE!

So, here is what I expect them (or any other company that markets to their prior Customers) to do:

1 – Set up a process for Customers to request they not be called (or called except for specific items).  By set up, I mean that make sure that your computer systems can handle these types of requests.

2 – Set up an escalation process so that your sales people can handle people (like myself) who get very upset at the continued calls.

3 – When there is an issue (such as the one I keep having), set up a process so that a manager will follow up and ensure that the issue is handled.

These are not difficult concepts, I am giving them one more time to ge tit straightened out. If not, I will publish their name and contact info, along with their CEO’s home address and phone number, which was readily available using Google.

I hope they’re reading this, and I thank them in advance for taking care of this.


P. S. I am a little irritated tonight from them, please, excuse my rudeness.


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