Twitter and Bringing Potatoes to Market

potatoesThere is an old saying about farming that goes, “Every mile that you are closer to your market is a tangible advantage.”

Actually, it comes from a book originally published in 1867, however, the maxim is still true.  While Peter Henderson was originally talking about getting produce to market, this principle applies to virtually every facet of business.

For example, we have to look no further than the off ramps on major highways to see that fast food restaurants and gas stations jostle for signage and physical location, all with the goal of attracting more Customers. After all, the closest one to the freeway will often end up with the most Customers.

In today’s digital world, we don’t compete for Customer solely along highways, but also online.  oOr Customers are no longer a mile away, but merely a click.

Those companies that are positioning themselves “next to the highway” are snapping up Customers left and right!

Are we as companies using every feasible (note that I did not write possible, but rather feasible) way to position ourselves closer to our Customers?

Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and countless other Social Media systems offer ways to ensure that we are closer to our Customers than our competition.  Are we using them?

Think about it, let me know what you think…..and thanks for reading,



2 responses to “Twitter and Bringing Potatoes to Market

  1. You are right on with this fact.

  2. I do agree with you! The more you are close to you potential customers, the more you’ll be able to get them in your portfolio. But I think it’s not only a question of getting new customers… Using Social Media today, means to stay close to your clients as much as you stay close to your child.
    Many companies still didn’t undestand this.

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