Hey, Jones Soda! I Want Cola Flavor Soda! Send Me Crate Of It!

Legend has it that when Coca Cola first came out a century back, it contained a substance (Cocaine) which made it highly addictive!  While the addiction part may not be entirely substantiated, I have met a fair number of people who ‘can’t live’ without a Coke (or Pepsi).

Having grown up in the South, I have had a few “Co’ Cola’s”, as we call them, and while I love their taste, they simply can’t compare to the “new” flavors that have emerged recently of soda with Cane Sugar instead of Corn Syrup.  Pepsi has tried it, Coke makes a version in Mexico of this, however, my all time favorite is Jones Soda.


There are several dozen flavors (check out some of the uber-bright ones in the picture), but the purest and most addictive of  them all is their Cola flavor.

Aha! Therein lies the rub (or whatever Shakespearean quote that I meant to say).

It turns out that while stores stock plenty of Fufu Berry and Green Apple, finding Cola flavor is a veritable search for the Holy Grail.

I have contacted the company, hoping that they could point me towards a store in my area that carries it.  What I got in reply was a canned answer that directed me to, “check with my local store for all my favorite Jones soda flavors”.

Um….they don’t carry my favorite flavor.  That’s why I am contacting you!

So, I have tried again. I have contacted Jones on their website and via Twitter @jonessodaco, hopefully someone in their system can figure out where they stock it and send me a crate or two.

I’m off to try their Facebook site, wish me luck, and thanks for reading!



4 responses to “Hey, Jones Soda! I Want Cola Flavor Soda! Send Me Crate Of It!

  1. Hi! A friend of told me I can find Coke with Sugar (not sure if it was Pure Cane Sugar) during the holidays. Look for the 2 liter bottles with the yellow caps. I only had found 1. It tasted amazingly different. I purchased a 4 bottle pack og Jones Grape Soda at a Big Lots near me. I wish I had gone back and taken them off the shelf. Best thing ever. Now if I can only try a cola. I would probably never go back to Coke. Any luck in finding the Jone’s Cola? I would love to get me some but none found in New Jersey. 😦

  2. if you want to come to florida, we have PLEANTY.

  3. there really good 🙂

  4. I to have discovered Jones Soda and since my favorite flavor is Fufu Berry i am now in a terrible perdicament as ive purchased all i could locate at every gas station and grocery store in my area, which is rural Goldendale, Washington. So good searching!!!

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