The Customer Service Marathon – It’s A Lonely Sport

Customer Service is not really a career that many people aspire to.  If anything, it is kind of looked on as a stepping stone or a filler job on a resume. We’ve all heard this:

‘Yeah, I worked some Customer Service jobs for a while until…’


‘Isn’t that a Customer Service job? No thanks!’

To go back to my Half-Marathon / Customer Service analogy that I thought about during my 3 hour odyssey in the wilderness this last weekend, I see a lot of people who run 5K races (3.1 miles).  There are many local 5K races here in the Sacramento area and those are tremendous events. I have a collection of T-shirts from them and enjoy them and encourage friends to sign up for them.  They are good for you!  Go sign up for one now!

Long Distance Running - Is It Crazy? However, I have noticed that the reaction that one gets from saying that you ran a 5K or even a 10K (6 miles) is quite different than what you get when you mention a Half-Marathon or a Marathon. In fact, the general feedback goes from, ‘Good for you! Alright!’ to something like:

‘What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?’

Which somewhat syncs up with what many people think about a career in Customer Service.

Which leaves us with lots of room to run in!  Think about it. If no one else wants to make a career out of Customer Service, all the better for those of us who do.  Going back to my experience last weekend, less than 70 people signed up for the Half Marathon.  Which meant that a mile out of the starting line, it gets rather lonely.

Which is ok, after all, when the field is not too crowded, it’s easier to stand out!

Customer Service as a career is a long distance sport, and maybe we are a little off-balance for choosing it, but when we work at it and excel in it, we can really stand out.

Thanks for reading,



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