Tweeting about Burgers and Customer Service?

Carls Junior and Social MediaThe other day, I wrote about how TGI Friday’s is using Facebook to reach out to Customers.

Then, I saw some ‘junk mail’ which included coupons for Carl’s Junior Restaurant (more burgers!) and what do you know! In the corner of the advertisement, there are the symbols for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

On their website, they also have the links (check out my fancy arrow and circle on the screen shot I posted here).  I clicked, I followed…because I wanted to find out how they are using these methods.

For instance, on Twitter, the restaurant is replying to Customers with statements that range from:

“Big Carl has the perfect meat/cheese ratio. It’s a scientific fact.”


“only guac available right now but I’ll pass your note along to the product development team.”

Standing alone, they don’t really mean that much, however, when you realize that they are addressing questions and complaints brought up by their Customers…you suddenly realize that they are definitely using Social Media for Customer Service.


What else can I say?

2 days and 2 solid examples of how businesses are using Social Media to interact with their Customers.

Thanks for reading, now I have to go eat something!



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