Hamburgers and Facebook?

I was watching TV (actually, I was fast forwarding through the commercials) and saw a commercial which actually made me rewind and watch. TGI Friday’s has a brilliant ad campaign going in which their #1 fan (Woody) promises free burgers if a half million people become a Facebook fan.  You can watch it here.

(You can also go to You Tube and watch his entire ad campaign, which are quite funny.)

So…I became a fan.  I don’t normally eat at TGI Friday’s very much, however, I thought that they are definitely leading the way, when it comes to using Social Media to reach out to Customers.

There is a whole new way to reach Customers, and TGI Friday’s is in the forefront.

Thanks for reading, now I have to go see who else I can “friend”.  I like free food!



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