Management By Walking Around

I try and share a Leadership Tip or two monthly and I have had this one cooking for quite a while.  It stems from talking to many of my peers over time and comparing various ‘management styles’.   All too often, our discussion runs into the issue of leaders and the amount of time spent with employees, not counting disciplinary time.

Leaders Spend Time With Their PeopleSadly, the answer, from executives down to front line supervisors, is ‘not that much’.  Between administrative work and dealing with Customer escalations, we don’t spend a whole lot of time ‘with the troops’.

However, that is exactly what we need to be doing – spending time with our employees. Whether it is working alongside our front line employees or conversing with our supervisors, the key to leadership is to be accessible to our employees and not just be seen as a ‘the boss’.

I can vividly remember different bosses (and their bosses) and the difference between those who spent time with their people and those who stayed behind their desk.

You can imagine which ones had more leadership equity with their employees.

So, there we have it.  It is a simple thing for us to do.  Now, it is up to us to do it.

So, stop reading, get up and go spend time with your people!  And if you are the people, go ask your boss to spend time with you learning about your job.

Thanks for reading,



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