Stop Talking, Just Listen!

There is an old saying that jobs in Customer Service, or more specifically, Customer Support, are part psychiatrist, part bartender and a little bit actual Customer Service.  OK, maybe it’s not an old saying, just one I made up, but it should be!

Because we all know and can agree that at the root of addressing any Customer Service issue is the need to figure out what is wrong so that we can fix it.  And in order to find out, we must…..let’s say it all together…listen!

Yes, step one in the process is to listen.  Not talk, just listen.

Normally, this is the point where I share a story about something that happened to me and try to be witty, but instead of me droning on, I would love to hear from you about a case where either ‘they’ listened or they didn’t.

Thanks for reading, now it’s my turn to listen,



One response to “Stop Talking, Just Listen!

  1. This is true in many jobs, not just support/service. As an educator I can say that this wonderful phrase works in two directions. As a learner it is vital to knowledge acquisition that you first “STJL” so that you hear the facts, then as an educator you must “STJL” to assess if they understand what was discussed.
    Thank you for bringing this idea forward many people need to understand this concept and the world would be a better place for everyone.

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