This Is Not A Difficult Concept

The basic concept of any business is rather simple.   We sell a good or service to Customers, they pay us and we are both happy.  This seems to be hard for many businesses to grasp, as we see (and share) with more and more businesses engaging in practices that are…well, I don’t know how to say this…shocking.

Take this example, which happened this week.   We encourage our son to try out different sports and activities to see what he likes.  Soccer, baseball, karate, chess, archery, rock-climbing….you get the picture.  Because he is very young still, we doon’t invest a lot of money into each sport, but rather, we pick one a semester and enroll him in a class.  This way, all of the materials are supplied by the vendor and he gets to experience something new a few times a year and see if he likes it.

It’s time to start school again and so we attempted to enroll him in a Gymnastics classGymnastics.  Granted, we don’t expect him to be as ripped as Blaine Wilson (on the left), however, it is a fun sport and a few of his friends are in the class already.

This should be simple, right?  We go down to the gym, fill out the paperwork and start him in the class.

Instead, what happened was almost comedic.  The person at the front desk of the gym did not understand the business concept at the top of the story.

Instead of signing him up for the class that his friend was in, she argued with us every step of  the way.

“Are you sure you want him to be in that class? We have another class (at a time that doesn’t work for you) that is better.”

“This class doesn’t get him ready for competition” (he’s in elementary school and this is just for him to try out)

And on, and on.

I don’t know why this person did not want to sign us up for the class we wanted. It was the same price, and it fit our time schedule and had his friend in it.

Luckily for the gym, another employee stepped in and successfully registered us so they could take our money (kind of important in business) and we were on our way.

Regardless, there is a takeaway for all of us – give the Customer what they want!

Not a difficult concept.

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One response to “This Is Not A Difficult Concept

  1. You sure hit the nail on the head. Great post Brandon!

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