The Winding Path and The Straight Path

A friend of mine across country wrote a superb article the other day about forcing Customers to dance through hoops in order to get service.  Roy articulates very well the challenge that many companies have to overcome when dealing with Customers.  Instead of empowering their people to make things happen (the straight path), they instead force the Customer to take the wandering route that takes much more time and energy.

*Note – as a refresher, Customers are how we get revenue.  They are a necessity.  OK, back to the story.

Roy identifies several practices that companies engage in when “trying to save money” and are actually time wasters and Customer alienators (think paperwork, escalation processes and anything else about Customer Dis-Service that makes your blood boil). Fortunately, he also shows how companies can cut straight through this mess and get the job done, while satisfying the Customer.

Take a look at your own business and see how you can straighten out some of those meandering processes so that your Customers get served faster. Trust me when I say that it will be to your benefit.

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One response to “The Winding Path and The Straight Path

  1. Leslie Williams

    I know what you mean about customers. I work in the grocery industry( Publix). Eventhough, Publix has been one of the best places to work for and to shop, for the past 10 years,it is starting to slack. Namely when it comes to inventory. We moved to automatic replenishment as a way to restock and save money. But, unfortunately on many days we do not recieve enough product to satisfy the needs of the customer. The customers have even told me straight out that they are going to other stores more, because of the inventory!

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