The King of Customer Service

Who doesn’t like to like to feel good? Come on, raise your hands!  Anyone? No one?

Exactly!  We all need compliments, we all want to feel good.

Last week, I was “tweeted” (no, mom, that isn’t a bad thing) about my Customer Service Focus by a friend of mine.

king of Customer Service

If you can’t see the screenshot, it has my name and then the statement – King of Customer Service.  Wow!  I was blown away.  That felt really good.

Whether I am the King of Customer Service or not is debatable, however, what we should take away from this is that compliments are free and when given sincerely, can lift someone up in a very real way.  Try it with your Customers.  Try it with your employees.  Try it with your peers.  It works.  And visit Chris Dancy at Service Sphere, he’s got a great product and killer service.

Thanks for reading,



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