They All Fall Down…OK, Not All Of Them

A while back (I am from the Deep South, so I can refer to a range of time rather than specify a specific date), I published a guest article about extremely poor customer service*.  My friend visited a new Buffalo Wing Restaurant and had a simply horrible experience.  We commiserated about the lack of service and remarked that they would soon go out of business if they did not change.

Today, he told me that they are no longer in business.  Prophetic?  No, my friend is not Nostradamus.  He is, however, very Customer focused and, like most of us, will not continue to patronize an establishment that does not treat him well.

Compare that then with my lunch today.  I ran out of our office to grab lunch for a meeting. I was picking up lunch for my boss and a few other people.  At the sandwich shop I went to, the service was great, the people were friendly and the store owner (working the cash register) sealed the deal!

I asked him to label each sandwich as it was wrapped and as he did so, I asked him to mark my boss’ sandwich with, instead of his name, the word ‘Boss’.  he did so and with a smile, said, we’ll even toss in a cookie for the boss.

I got back to my work and, viola! there was a cookie in my boss’ sandwich bag.  Wow!

I am willing to bet that they will be there next year.

It’s the Customer Service.

Thanks for reading,


*note the lack of a Capital C.  If it is poor customer service, I do not feel that it is worth capitalizing.


One response to “They All Fall Down…OK, Not All Of Them

  1. Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

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