Back From The Dead…

This one goes to 11No, I’m not talking about the new Spinal Tap album.  I’m talking about my disappearance for the past two weeks.  I know, I know, how could I leave so suddenly and without any word about when my next pithy post would appear?  Now, you all know that I am not a once a month writer, nor am I a daily poster (excepting my 30 day blitzes to propagate Customer Service when it is most needed).  However, it is a rare occasion when you don’t see at least one article a week.

Well, my dear readers and friends, let us suffice it to say that an emergency trip to another country to help a stranded family member in a hospital, coupled with some new mega-projects at work and an opportunity to spend significant time with my son in Cub Scouts all came together at the right time to slow down the pace of my otherwise timely and astute writings about the grand world of Customer Service!

However, I am back now.  And on my brief hiatus, I found even more Customer Service truisms, which I am keyed up to share with you.

The first of which is that Customers need continuous care and feeding (which could be the title of my next book, as none shows up on Amazon with that name).  Just as I left my readership without any word of my, however brief, departure, we sometimes leave our Customers for a while and they are left wondering what happened.  It can be during an interaction (horrible), it can be that we delay or never follow up with them on a pre or post-interaction question or issue (not acceptable), or that we simply don’t touch base with them on a regular basis just to keep in touch (common, but not the worst).

Whatever our pecadillos, it is always time to make things right with our Customers.  So, pick up the phone, craft an email or walk over to them today and re-start the Customer Service experience that they want and we want to give them!

It’s nice to be back and thanks for waiting for me!



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