Moses and the Airport

Enterprise Shuttle BusI just got back from a conference and had to share an unusual #customerservice experience. You know how boring it is when you have to ride a shuttle bus and it is dead silent and you wish you didn’t have to be there?  Well, not this time.

Our group turned in our rental cars and rode the bus from the Enterprise Car Rental lot to the airport, however, the bus driver provided a steady patter of information about the company and the airport.  Although it was, in a sense, marketing, it sure didn’t feel like it.

Instead, it felt…good!

Our driver, Moses, started off my assuring us that we were in the hands of the number one driver in the Enterprise Fleet.  Right away, that let us know that we weren’t stuck with some guy who didn’t care about his job. No sir!  This was someone who took pride in his work.

Moses let us know that the fleet of buses was being outfitted with computers so that, in  the very near future,  when they pick you up at the airport, they can key in your information and have your car ready for you by the time you arrive at the rental lot.  Pretty nifty, I thought.

There were more features and selling points that he related to us, however, it wasn’t just all about Enterprise Car Rental. Moses also shared information about the Colorado airport, such as the Green initiative that they had started and that something like 40% of the airport’s energy usage was to be generated by solar power!

To be honest, the ride in the shuttle buses are usually boring as people stare out the window or try to avoid looking at each other.  Not so this time! Moses was a great host, not only getting us to our destination, but also sharing information along the way that was useful and interesting.

The next time you are in Denver, try the big green bus at the airport and wait for Moses, it will be worth your while.

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One response to “Moses and the Airport

  1. Makes me think of Dan, The Singing Bus Driver, who works the run from Bangor to Boston-Logan Airport and back. I’ll write about him.

    Good story!

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