Business Helping Business…Help Their Customers

I read a great article over at Mike Wagner’s place about a business helping out another business.  In short, he walked into a UPS store, and no one was there.  Except the waitress who walked in behind him from the restaurant next door.   She asked if she could help him and she did!  It turns out that the stores have an arrangement where the restaurant helps out the UPS store when the owner (who is also the only person working there) needs to step out.

This goes quite a step beyond the “we don’t sell that, but I know someone who does” Customer Service truism that I suggest.  And it works!  All three entities win.  The UPS store, the restaurant (because doubtless, the store gets advertising, and quite frankly, with that kind of service, I would go eat there!) and most importantly, the Customer.

Look around within your company and with your neighbors. What can you do to take this concept and make it your own?

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