Thanks For Letting Me Know

COmmunicate!The DMV sent me a note saying that my car needs to be smogged.  Not a lot of wiggle room with the DMV, no matter how friendly they appear, so off I went to find a Smog place.  No, not a smoggy place, no heading to Houston or LA.

I walked into a local Smog place and as soon as I walked in, the woman behind the counter looked up from helping a Customer and let me know that there was a 45 minute wait as they only had one smog check machine working.  I decided to leave (time is money, right?), however, before I left, she called out that they were open until 6 that evening and reopened at 8 AM the next day.  She also handed me a card with their number on it so I could call and check the wait time.

I had a similar experience at the bank as well recently.  As I stood in line, the branch manager came out from behind the counter and informed everyone that the computers had frozen and they were unable to effect any large transactions until they came back up.  They kept helping people and made hand written receipts, with the only caveat that they could only effect smaller transactions (I think it was $100 withdrawals).

In both of these instances, the business communicated immediately with the Customers and while they could not meet normal business needs, by addressing the issue immediately, the minimized the damage and kept us as happy as feasible.

Make sure you do the same.  It works.

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One response to “Thanks For Letting Me Know

  1. Brandon – you share some wonderful examples of how easy it is for an organization to communicate with their customers. This sort of transparency can overcome a lot of operational goofs that could otherwise lead to customer complaints and footsteps out the door, never to return. Thanks!

    Kevin Stirtz

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