Did We Really Land On The Moon?

We went to the moon, but can't use technology here on earth?I know what you are thinking, what an odd title for a business / customer service blog.  Yes, I agree, it is odd. Bear with me for the next 200 words and, hopefully, it will make sense.

Today, I attended a whup-@$$ conference on Technology and Customer Service.  Among the many great speakers was Chris Darcy, who specializes in how businesses use Web 2.0 applications like Twitter and Facebook to connect with and support their Customers.

As we have explored before, the ability to use technology to manage our Customer Relationships is entering a new era and only those companies that fully use these technologies will thrive in the Brave New World that we are entering.

Which brings me to my “odd title” today. So many businesses struggle to keep themselves mired in 1995 ways of doing business.  The same old processes and lack of forging new paths is keeping them securely in their competitors’ wake. So, I ask…is it truly possible that we landed on the moon and yet cannot get beyond phone and email support for our Customers?

Let’s move forward, people and embrace new ways of supporting our Customers.  It is the year 2009, after all.

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