Auto-Recognition – Good or Bad?

The Computers Are Taking OverHave you ever called your bank, credit card company or other service and they recognize who you are?  I’m not talking about a human recognizing your voice and saying, “Hi Brandon, how are you?”

No, I’m talking about the “one step short of Sky Net” automation that detects your phone number and then brings up your information and routes you accordingly.

To be sure, we have been working towards this type of Customer Focus for years, however, there must be an authentication step in place to ensure that Customer information is not released to anyone but the correct person.

Thoughts?  Does it matter to you?  Or is it a step in the correct direction?

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One response to “Auto-Recognition – Good or Bad?

  1. I’m glad you wrote about this Brandon, because I actually experienced this yesterday. I called the local Toyota dealership to make an appointment with my favorite service manager.

    The woman on the phone did not ask for any of my information, but in our conversation she mentioned my vehicle make and model.

    Before I hung up I thought, how did she know this? I asked her and she said “Caller ID, I then input your name and phone # into our system and found you Mr. Whitlock”

    Amazing! That is what I call service. Now if only some companies with their automated phone input systems can learn this technical phenomenon so we, the customers, don’t have to enter it, repeat it…. and repeat it again.

    Well done Folsom Lake Toyota!

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