Leadership and Rewards – Make It Timely

Following my “once in a while” promise for Leadership tips, I’d like to share one on rewarding and recognizing employees.  This advice is not just for our current recession, but actively applies to all companies in all situations.

Reward and RecognitionWhen someone does a good job, reward them as quickly as you can.  Whether it be a simple email or “attaboy” delivered that day, or a more formal recognition and reward given out soon thereafter, make sure that your people know that you appreciate their work in a timely manner.

A friend of mine related to me some time back that she worked on a project that succeeded wildly.  Kudos were passed around and the teams felt great about their work.  About two years later, they were recognized at a formal company event which was planned just for those teams.  Unfortunately, most of the people who worked on the project were no longer with the company (due to the nature of their work and the high turnover they experienced in that industry) and as a result, most of the employees who participated in the recognition event had no idea why they were invited and certainly didn’t contribute to the project as they were not even part of the company back then!

Point delivered?

I have seen some excellent examples of how to do this effectively in recent weeks and months, if you would like more details, let me know.

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