Do You Really Know What Your Customers Want?

do we really know what they wantWe often think that we know what our Customers want.  We half-listen to them, we offer solutions before they have finished telling us about their issue and we offer products that ‘they will love’.   When I think about the hundreds, if not thousands of times that I have seen this in action, only one word comes to mind.


As in, do we really think that we know what they want?

Case in point.  I was listening to a talk radio program the other day and heard this:

“Hi, I am a long time listener and I disagree with about 90% of what you say on a daily basis.”  The caller then went on to state their thoughts on whatever matter it was at hand.

OK, so that is talk radio, and does it really apply to us?  To you?

Talk radio has Customers.  They have listeners and advertisers.  And in this case, had someone who listens but does not agree most of the time.

Which means (to me, at least), that we do not know what our Customers think.

But we can find out.  More to come, thanks for reading,



One response to “Do You Really Know What Your Customers Want?

  1. Brandon – I think the radio talk show listener you mention speaks for most customers. And I think his ratio is right on. Far too many businesses do things the way their owners and managers want. Too few make it a habit of engaging customers and employees to discover what customers really want AND how they’re doing in giving it to them. Customer feedback – it’s a beautiful thing!


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