Raving, Rock Star Worshiping Customers?

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Competitor AwayA while back, I wrote about the Cult of Apple.  No, not New Yorkers, I am talking about Mac users, those who live by their iPhone, yes, maybe even you, who are reading this on a Safari browser.

While they make up the teensiest part of the computing population of the world, they may be the most rabid fans known to the digital universe.  Linux aficionados excepted, I understand the power of Tux.

Why are they so dedicated?  Is it the coolness?  Is it the ease of use?  Is it because they have the best ads on TV?

I’m not exactly sure, but I can take this away from it – what are we doing to create this type of devotion in our Customer?

Because I sure would like to have fans that are this passionate about my product.

Thanks for reading,



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