Do You Need Yelp?

Have you ever visited an online review board to see what others think of a hotel, restaurant or movie?  Of course you have, Generation Net has no demographic constraints.  It used to be that we could only rely on our local newspaper review (yawn) or word of mouth.  Now, with sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, anyone can post anything about any business.

Do You Need Yelp?Oh no!  I can hear the thoughts churning now.  What if they post something and it’s bad?

Simple, my friends, address the issue.  Like this, posted on Yelp recently:

I made my way back to Mylapore today and was sure glad I did.   Jay, the owner, had contacted me and informed me he was making changes based on my first review. I commend him for being so responsive to the Yelp community and taking action.

I promised simplicity and there it is.  Look for your Customer feedback and then address the issue. Good work, Jay.

Thanks for reading,



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