Happy Earth Day! Now, Does “Green” Attract More Customers?

Earth DayToday is Earth Day.   According to some, up to a Billion people will celebrate it around the world. I’m not really sure if 1 in 6 people worldwide really do observe it, however, the impact is growing and can be seen in many of our companies and communities. In fact, many places make this an entire Green Week, with educational events to promote sustainable living, both individually and as a business.

While I do believe in and practice many of the “Green” concepts (local foods, put trash in its proper place, lower your bills through eco-friendly technologies), I have no plans to dance around in a field barefoot today while wearing flowers in my hair.  Not that they would stay in.

However, this brings me to a question.  Does being a Green company help you in attracting and retaining your Customers?  I don’t feel that I have to really argue whether it makes sense from a financial perspective, because any process or technology that costs less and produces equal or more results deserves a look anyway, but I am curious as to the Customer side of this equation.

The facts appear to say “Yes”.  More and more people are moving towards sustainable or “Green” living, if not for personal beliefs, than for cost reasons.  And to look at the flip side, does it drive off any of your Customers?

Seems to add up for me, I’ll ruminate more on this.

Thanks for reading,



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