Tweet This! Businesses Grapple with Using Facebook and Twitter To Reach Their Customers

It’s official. Facebook and Twitter are on fire. The two social connection platforms have grown exponentially in the past year and with over 200 Million Users on Facebook and 8 Million US users on Twitter, is it really possible that anyone who reads this post will not have either a Facebook or Twitter account?

So, how do businesses utilize these tools to reach Customers?

The first step is to set up accounts on the major sites.   Most sites seem to be onboard or getting there with this.  It’s relatively hard to find a business today that doesn’t offer a chance to “connect” using Facebook, Twitter, or a host of other methods. Just look to the right of this post (of you are reading this at my site and not on a reader, via Facebook or other feed) and you can see all of my Connection Links. Yes, I could not resist writing that.

That’s a good first step, however, with these new methods of connecting to Customers, comes the potential for extreme embarrassment and potential loss of Customers. While Facebook is semi-private (depending on your settings), anyone who has spent time on Twitter has run across Tweets that probably should not have been posted.  And if you are a business, that could hurt you when (no longer if) someone finds your post and shares it with your Customer.

Which leads to a second step – training.  Companies need to understand the impact that social networking has on their company and set up training in that area.  Which I find that most companies are sorely lacking.

Companies seem to have either an On or an Off position and fail to grasp the importance of these new tools.

Which means they are losing out on opportunities and thus, Customers.

This is a deep topic and hard to write about in a short space, so I’ll probably revisit in soon. I’d love to hear your feedback on this.

Thanks for hanging in there with me,



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