Where’s A Good Beekeeper When You Need One?

bee-swarm We looked outside of our dining rom window this morning and saw a large cloud of bees swarming in our yard.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of bees were in our back yard!

After making sure that all of our windows and doors were securely closed, with the help of a camcorder and binoculars, we were able to figure out that the swarm of bees was focused around a branch from our neighbors yard that hung over our fence.

A quick search on the Internet located several options, the first one being our trusty government offices.  While we weren’t sure if bees fell into the Animal category (I guess the do if you play Plant, Animal or Mineral?), we  called Animal Control and were referred to a local Pest Control company.

Now we knew that bees have been decreasing across the U.S., and we wanted to see if a local beekeeper would come pick them up.  Unfortunately, most of the ones listed online also listed their fees, which ranged from $100 to $300 dollars.

Which didn’t make sense to me, as they obviously wanted bees and could use them to make money.  So, why would I pay them to take them away?

Yes, I know the obvious reason. So, I could leave my house.  But, I couldn’t see myself paying someone for this.  And they were in my backyard, not in my house.  Yet.

After several calls, voicemails left and a referral, I finally found someone who would come get the bees for free.  Except that he didn’t have a ladder and equipment tall enough to reach the “nest”, which was about 15 feet off the ground.

However, he did tell me that if I left them alone, they would leave in a day or two and everything would be OK.  So, here I am.  Inside my house.  With bees outside.

The good thing is that they have calmed down and at dusk they all concentrated on a large ball about the size of a bowling ball.  A very large one.  That a giant would use.

If they are still there tomorrow, I’ll have to keep calling and see if anyone wants my business.  At least no one has told me so far to mind my own beeswax.

Thanks for reading,



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