What’cha doing?

Bob is looking for a job.  Sarah is shopping online.  Jess is waiting for the day to end.

We have quickly become accustomed to posting what we are doing online, so that our friends can keep up with us.

And what we say on-line is private, right?  Ummm….not really.  What if your boss saw what you posted. Or even worse, what if your Customers saw it?   Here’s two shocking examples of what people post online coming back to bite them in the, ahem, “behind area”.

1 – Man interviews for job at Cisco.  Man gets job offer.  Man “tweets” about it, wondering on-line if he should take the “fat paycheck” and long commute since he will “hate the job”.  Someone from the company reads it, forwards to people in company.  Man loses job offer before starting job.

2 – New York City based company sends their super star consultant to Memphis to pitch a product to Fed Ex.  Consultant posts status on-line reading “I would die if I had to work in this town”.  Email with screen shot of this status is sent to Executives at Fed Ex and New York company.  Will New York Company lose Fed Ex account?  Stay tuned and see.

These types of stories are becoming more and more widespread as companies rush to embrace new technologies such as Facebook and Twitter and as search engines pick up these tidbits of information about your personal life and store them…well…forever.  At least, until someone searches for you and then forwards them to your boss, your CEO, or the company you are trying to do business with.

The moral of the story? Do I really have to say it? I didn’t think so.

Since it is Friday, I’ll leave you what famous people, past and present, could have set their Facebook status to (if they wanted to make my millions of readers laugh).  Thanks to Carlos Alcala at the Sacramento Bee for this (full article here).

• Napoleon Bonaparte has an itch in his vest.

• Harold wrote on your wall. With a purple crayon.

• Julia Child can’t decide what to make for dinner.

• Captain Ahab posted photos of his fishing trip.

• Kevin Bacon is friends with everyone using the People You May Know tool.

• Suri Cruise was tagged in 3 million photos.

• The Greeks sent you a Trojan horse. Click here to open your horse.

• The Republican Party defriended Abel Maldonado.

• The Democratic Party defriended Rod Blagojevich.

• Alice is attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

• Karl Marx has united with the group Proletarians of the World.

• Noah Webster just scored a bingo in Scrabble!

• Yoda written on your wall has, yes.

• Rhett Butler doesn’t give a damn. Frankly or otherwise.

• Jack Kerouac is on the road.

• The Cat in the Hat is coming back.

• 17,352 people suggested that Lindsay Lohan be friends with herself.

• Gertrude Stein is Gertrude Stein is Gertrude Stein.

• Barack Obama changed his status to “President.”

• The Walrus is Paul. Goo goo ga joob.

• Harry Potter joined Hogwarts Alumni – Gryffindor.

• Theo Van Gogh commented on Vincent Van Gogh’s new profile picture: “What happened to your ear?”

• Capt. Yossarian can’t go on Facebook until he updates his status.

Henry VIII is now married to Catherine of Aragon

Henry VIII is now married to Anne Boleyn

Henry VIII is now married to Jane Seymour

Henry VIII is now married to Anne of Cleves

Henry VIII is now married to Katherine Howard

Henry VIII is now married to Katherine Parr

Henry VIII has changed his relationship status to It’s complicated.

• Elmo accepted a tickle from Cookie Monster.

• Alex Rodriguez is shocked to find that in the medicine cabinet.

• O.J. Simpson is still looking.

Thanks for reading, be aware of what you post, and have a good weekend!



One response to “What’cha doing?

  1. it does make one think….now doesn’t it?

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