More Ants. Lots of Ants. As In Picnic Invading Numbers.

ants and more ants and lots more antsI wrote last week about The Power of Ants.  No, not the kind that show up on the 4th of July, but rather the overwhelming power that a large number of individuals can have on any one issue.

For example, on Customer Service.  If you work in a company with many employees (you define the word ‘many’), then you can easily see how the swarm strategy helps to attack any issue and resolve it.

Swarm?  Ants, Bees, you understand the thought here.

If you are employed in a smaller company, or perhaps have your own one-man shop, then you know that your ‘Army’ is really your Customers.  When you have a legion of loyal, raving, fanatical fans, then any doubt or concern that is brought up can often be easily countered by your Customers.

Powerful.  Simply powerful.

I’d like to write more on  this later as I have been fighting my own bug this week (the flu).

Thanks for reading,



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