Who Really Knows Who The Next American Idol Is?

Tell me you watch American Idol. I know you do.  Who doesn’t?  I think that more people watch American Idol weekly than the Super Bowl each year. It is, perhaps, the greatest ratings booster on TV. That’s a fact beyond dispute.  For several years, the other networks suffered through the season and sacrificed whatever poorly performing show on the nights that American Idol was on.  Whether you tune in for Simon Cowell’s caustic barbs, the hilarity of William Hung wannabe’s or you truly relish the latest release from Daughtry, American Idol has something for everyone.

As I watched the 2 hour block tonight (in only 44 minutes), it struck me that while there were definite standouts that we can expect to reach the top 5 and certainly secure a recording contract, it is hard to tell who will end up in the top spot. While the season plays out, there are always a few surprises that make you tune in each week, if only to laugh and say, “Did you see that?” the next day around the water cooler.

american-idols-nick-mitchellThis season, it appears that the resident oddball is none other than split personality Nick Mitchell / Norman Gentle.

Ok, ok.  It’s not fair to call him Sybil, because in reality, he is no more crazy than Garth Brook’s alter ego Chris Gaines.  And we all know the reason behind that.

What is for certain is that Nick, or Norman has created a stir for himself.  Can he sing?  I don’t know.  I can’t get past his outfit.  The same one every week.  And the crazy, South Beach style antics that he performs during his 3 minutes of fame each week.

He dances around, he gestures wildly and, this week, he appeared to romance the American Idol sign on the side of the stage.

Uhhhh, yeah……he did.

And what does America think?  We don’t know yet.  Which goes to show that not only is he in the Top 36 so far, but in 24 hours, we will find out if he made it to the Top 12.

So what?  Why are you writing this, Brandon?  Is there some vague reference to Buffalo Wings somewhere in this post?

The reason behind this article is that we never know what our Customers want.  Sometimes their wants go against everything that we think they should, or will, want.

I can’t wait to see if he makes it to the next round.

Thanks for reading and vote for Nick.  I mean Norman.



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