Why Is Craigslist So Successful?

I am searching for someone who has never used Craigslist.  Perhaps, somewhere in a remote, Internet-less area of the World, there exists such a person.  Someone who has never looked for an apartment, a job, an old racquetball racquet or a used chia pet on Craig Newmark’s creation. Meanwhile, the rest of us buy, sell and pass the time surfing Craigslist.  After all, you never know when you may need a box of sponges (limit one).

After all, the site is amazingly easy to use.  Which is not due to some random creation of a dot commer that ‘got lucky’.  Rather, it is the decade old evolution of an intense focus on finding out what works and then improving the product until it becomes the standard that all others try and emulate.  After all, what other business has over 30 million visitors each month, purportedly grosses upwards of tens of millions of dollars annually, and does it all with a staff of only 24 people?

Why is Craigslist so successful?  What drives so many people to use it?

The answer is simple – it all goes back to the founder’s philosophy on business.  “From the very beginning,” Newmark said, “I was involved in talking to people; listening to people. And it hasn’t stopped. The idea was that people send me information; I’d ask them about it, listen, try to do something about it – and then ask for more feedback.”

Such a simple method, and yet such a lasting effect.  Feedback.  Ask for it.  And do something about it.  Then ask for more.  It works!

Thanks for reading, now I have some furniture to buy on Craiglist,



One response to “Why Is Craigslist So Successful?

  1. The problem with craigslist is that it looks so bad. I started using iList.com, which is EVERYTHING craigslist SHOULD be. There are thumbnails next to each ad plus I can promote on my social vitals.

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