Sometimes, It’s Just Free Breakfast

Denny's gives away 2 million free breakfastsIf you somehow missed the news that Denny’s gave away free Grand Slam breakfasts yesterday, then perhaps the picture at the left will somehow make up for it.  No?   OK, I knew that.

The point is that an estimated 2 million people lined up at Denny’s all over the country to chow down on the eggs, sausage, bacon and pancakes that make up a Grand Slam.  In perhaps the greatest instant marketing ploy this year, Denny’s reminded millions of Americans what an affordable breakfast is.

And, in today’s dismal economy, one theory is that we may find Customer Service taking a distant second to low cost.

For example, Starbucks has felt the pinch as the four dollar coffee becomes as “maybe” for many people and has had to lay off 6,000 workers.  But does that mean that the remaining stores and employees will abandon their usual Customer oriented focus?

I don’t think so.  In fact, more that ever, the potential is there to “seize the day” and distinguish ourselves from the competition.   We can set ourselves apart with our Customer Service.  For when our Customers have money to spend, wouldn’t you rather they spent it with you?  I thought so.

Before I go, I’d like to give a big kudos to the big wigs at Denny’s for dreaming up such a tasty promotion.  If they even have big wigs.  I always pictured them as more of cowboy hat people.  Down home.  The kind that eats at Denny’s.

Anyway, I’m hungry and going to go eat a Grand Slam, so thanks for reading,



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