How To Kill Your Business In This Economy

We are in the throes of a Recession,  It will probably get worse before it gets better.  So, what’s a business to do?  After all, none of us wants to have Home Depot, Caterpillar or Mervyn’s fate befall us.

Accounting practices aside, what are sure fire ways to lose your Customers and go out of business?

Here’s 3:

1 – Ignore what your Competition is doing, they can’t be right.

2 – Keep to yourself, don’t share ideas with those in your industry, you can do this alone.

3 – Tell yourself that new technology is for dweebs, you can get by with what grand-pappy used.

For 21 more things, read Michael Wade’s list on how to drive off Customers.

Good luck and  thanks for reading,



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