Virgin Atlantic Airlines Saves The Day, Ungrateful Passengers Never Fly Again With Them

passportKaren Dillon over at Harvard Business Publishing shared a phenomenal story of how Virgin Atlantic Airlines literally saved the day for her boyfriend.  It turns out that she lived in New York and her boyfriend in London.  Somehow, she ended up with his passport (in New York) and he was unable to fly to visit her.  Virgin Airlines sent a courier to her office to pick up the passport, which they then hand carried (via a pilot flying East on Virgin) and handed it to her boyfriend in London at the airport, so that he could then board the plane and fly to see her.

Wow!  Quite an Above the Bar story, I would say.  What did she reward them with?

She has never flown Virgin Airlines since.  Why?  They did not have a “great frequent flier program” and so she never returned to them.

OK, everyone, big sigh here. What to do with a Customer like this?

The answer……..Nothing. Virgin has exceeded all expectations and did what possible no other carrier would have done.

The lesson for us?

Sometimes, you can not please all Customers, all the time.

The writer (Karen) tries to say that Virgin should have had a better rewards program.  I can’t really agree with her.  There is always something more than can be done, however, it is not realistic to expect you can do everything.

You do what you can and then some, and your fame will precede you.

After all, millions could read this post and decide to fly Virgin, because of their great Customer Service.

I’d like to know your thoughts and thanks for reading,



One response to “Virgin Atlantic Airlines Saves The Day, Ungrateful Passengers Never Fly Again With Them

  1. Great Customer Service is always about knowing what you do and doing it well, not necessarily about pandering to every whim. IN the end we are all human and with that comes foibles. there is never any point telling somebody that they are wrong, or attempting to persuade them if you have incompatible frames/worldviews.

    Another great article I came across this week relating to Virgin Customer Service was this which is possibly the funniest complaint letter I ever saw:——dear.html

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